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Taron Egerton Embodies Elton John in 'Rocketman' First Look
The upcoming biopic hits theater May 31, 2019!
Jerry Jones sees similarities between Cowboys, Rams
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones sees some similarities between his team and the Los Angeles Rams when it comes to player quality and talent but is he right?
New Particle Could Explain 'Unusual' Antarctic Weather Balloon Detection
A weather balloon in Antarctica spotted what looked like a high-energy particle from outer space striking the ice back in 2006. Except the particle didn’t hit from above—it somehow traveled all the way through the
Jurassic giant: Huge new dinosaur species discovered in Africa
Fossils of a new, giant species of dinosaur have been discovered in South Africa, a study reports. It was about twice the size of an African elephant.
Top 7 Best Directors To Take Over James Bond Movies
The new James Bond film loses its director, as Danny Boyle departs over creative differences and leaves the project at risk of missing its release date. Who are the top candidates to take over and steer "Bond 25" back
Eagles coach Doug Pederson says it's the players' "right" to protest during anthem
In an interview on "CBS This Morning" Pederson said the anthem debate "hasn't been a situation that has divided our team whatsoever”