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‘Captain Marvel’ Wings To $910M+ Global, Becomes #10 Superhero Pic Offshore & WW – International Box Office - Deadline
UPDATE, writethru: Captain Marvel remained at the overseas helm this weekend, adding $52.1M in her third frame. The Disney/Marvel title has now grossed $588.8M at the international box office for $…
Prince Charles and Camilla launch first royal visit to Cuba despite requests from U.S. - USA TODAY
Prince Charles and his wife Camilla begin the first royal trip to Cuba on Sunday, in a pomp-filled display of disagreement with the Trump administration.
Jeremy Maclin announces retirement in a unique setting -
Former Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin announced his retirement from the NFL on Sunday at his wife's baby shower.
X-rays negative on Indians 3B Ramirez's knee - ESPN
X-rays on Cleveland Indians third baseman Jose Ramirez's left leg showed no signs of a broken bone after the All-Star was carted off the field in Sunday's spring training game against the Chicago White Sox.
This incredible NASA snapshot reminds us how gorgeous Jupiter really is - BGR
Jupiter, the “king” of planets in our solar system, is a hostile place you definitely wouldn’t want to visit. The gas giant is a swirling mass of storms that stretch hundreds of m…
'Cannonball' pulsar points to the supernova that formed it - Engadget
A spinning pulsar hurtles away from a supernova at 2.5 million MPH.