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Jason Eaton is permanently severely brain damaged. Jason Eaton is in receivership of PIP since 2015. Jason Eaton became brain damaged from a road traffic incident at a young age. Jason Eaton is an unsigned artist; other than he owns his own independent recording companies called 'Jason Green Music Ltd' and ‘Funxster Music Ltd’. Jason Eaton has been operating as an independent company since nineteen-ninety six- (1996) after creating and finalising his first marketable product 'Through A looking Glass A Selection of Poetry by Jason Eaton' ISBN 1-899881-36-0 Registered Charity Number- 701803, which is a forty- four – (44) page book of Jason Eaton's own poetry that was published by 'S.B.K Books' an established printing firm in Mablethorpe Lincolnshire UK. This was accomplished while Jason Eaton was beginning his second year of studying towards a B-Tech diploma in the Performing Arts at West Nott’s college Leeming Street Mansfield Nottinghamshire UK. During which Jason also wrote songs for and performed as a singer songwriter with a Gospel choir at 'The Old Library' venue in Mansfield Town centre. <br />
Jason Eaton created his next marketable product in Lincoln City in 2000, after moving to the City of Lincoln from Skegness. Jason learned how to play the guitar in 1999 and was amazed at how quickly he was able to write his own songs. In the year 2000 Jason Eaton captured his first seven songs professionally on to compact disk at a recording studio called 'The Secret Music Shop' on Corporation Street in Lincoln City centre and signed himself under his own record label 'The New Funxsters'. Jason Eaton marketed himself using posters and handing out fliers to gain public awareness; as he was performing live regularly at various open mic’ nights in and around various public houses in Lincoln City and selling his first album 'The New Funxsters' through a local independent record shop called 'Sonic Sounds' and entering as an original guitar playing singing song writing performing artist in local live performance competitions.<br />
In 2016 original power folk and industrial dub musician Jason Eaton teamed up with Scott Tittonis on drums and Wayne O’Sullivan on keyboards and vocals.
Tel: 07762 004 999
Email: funXster@yahoo.co.uk
Ashfield Homeless Support Group-
Registered Charity Number- 701803/
ISBN 1-899881-36-0
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