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Stephon lamont starr harris born in Philadelphia pa as he grow listening to Mariah Carey Boyz II Men and Babyface he develop a talent that he thought was really nothing at the age of 5 he had moved to lancaster county with his grandmother after 3 years he moved to stayed with is mother there he had found his mother could sing as well and his three brothers by 11 he started mimicking at his best of ability different singers voice like justin Timberlake Michael Jackson and Usher by that time he had also grow up in a church called Father The Son And Holy Ghost years of singing on the choir he learn how manage to use his vocals by 14 stephon begin to write poems for his teachers to put up in 2005 stephon harris song at his school Auditorium R.Kelly "The Worlds Greatest".<br />
After high school he looked for a studio to record his first song for two years he had worked with a man called if I'm so white well-known in Lancaster Alfonso white also has a son named Devonte who was also a great singer at the age of 9 Alfonso White had taught Stephon how to record and use recording software to record his own music in 2007 a song was record he man he called AV the studio named is MICINMIX a song called "Stay Away From Me" the song was inspired by a relationship that he was going through. By 2014 to 2015 he has went to school to learn more about music and entertainment a college call Full Sail University after doing six months to learn how to network establish new skills now he is on the Urge of making great music and to be the best at what he can do he has his music sign under and BMI and is under label called Bentley records looking for bigger and better opportunity Stephon Harris is on his way.
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